General Contractors

Win. Win.

McCoy Rockford knows the nuances of the bidding game. We get it. And we want in on it. We know the difference detail can make when it comes to winning work. That’s why we’re more than willing to help put together accurate project cost estimates. But that’s just covering bases. We can do so much more. Given the opportunity, we can help add value to the project by identifying ways to cut costs, apply alternative materials or design new approaches.

  • What if modular walls can cut costs significantly as compared to sheetrock construction and add flexibility for your client down the line?
  • Perhaps an alternative flooring solution can offer the look for less and add durability at the same time.
  • Maybe there is a manufactured furniture system that offers required functionality so you don’t have to build it in.

These are the areas where our services and expertise are an asset to your team. The commercial interior solutions we design address the demands of the marketplace. Product knowledge and research enables McCoy Rockford to deliver smarter, faster and cheaper projects. That’s a winning formula!