Our Customers

Our Customers

Our customers do great work to improve our cities, impact our state and change the world. In order to do this great work, they need an equally great workplace. At McCoy-Rockford, we’re privileged to help create some truly great places. Here are a few highlights from recent projects.

Global Shop Solutions – Corporate Office

Global Shop Workplace

When McCoy-Rockford began work on Global Shop Solutions Corporate Office, the challenge was to transform a space so it accommodated more employees comfortably without adding any square feet to the office. We created an ergonomically flexible workplace that promotes wellbeing. Steelcase V.I.A. walls, furniture and Interface carpet create an environment employees enjoy with acoustical privacy alongside an open and relaxed setting.

Ergonomic flexibility is key to building a workplace that promotes wellbeing.

NDT Global WorkplaceNDT Global

Every customer has unique needs. Rather than just delivering impressive furniture to NDT Global, we aligned their workplace with the specific requirements of their industry: Oil and Gas. This total solution of demountable walls, raised-access floor, and innovative furniture results in an elegant workplace that caters to client meetings, promotes employee productivity and flexibly adapts to company growth.

NDT’s workplace environment balances aesthetic elements with practical use.

Southwestern Energy

Southwestern Energy Workplace

McCoy-Rockford joined Southwestern Energy at a time when the 1000+ employee company was transitioning to a new location. Craig Owen, Southwestern Energy’s CFO, noted that the goal of the new headquarters was to be “a reflection of our incredible team of employees and our commitment to the Houston community.”

Southwestern Energy wanted their workplace to reflect their incredible community commitment. We made that happen. 

Bellicum WorkplaceBellicum Pharmaceuticals

Our recent project with Bellicum involved fully-functional breakout areas, video conferencing libraries and integrated technology like Steelcase’s media:scape to improve collaboration. It is now easier for employees to share information, present to large groups, reserve space and see occupancy.

Integration of technology and furniture empowered Bellicum’s environment to reflect their technology-driven culture.

Jetco WorkplaceJetco

Jetco’s goal was clear from the beginning: create a space that promotes employee wellbeing. McCoy-Rockford accomplished this goal by establishing a three-pronged solution: furniture that optimizes collaboration, a variety of places for employees to work, and an ergonomically flexible workplace.

Jetco wanted more than furniture, so McCoy-Rockford gave them several ways to encourage employee wellbeing.


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