Kennedy Space Center

The John F Kennedy Space Center is the site where all US human space flight missions have launched.

From the early days of Project Mercury to today’s space shuttles, one of the best places to watch these dramatic events has been the Apollo/Saturn V Center conference room at the Space Center.

Here, special guests ranging from worldwide government officials to the families of the astronauts themselves watch rocket launches in the comfort of an executive conference space.

So when it was time to upgrade the seating in the conference room, not just any executive chairs would do.


Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre

The Sheldon M Chumir Health Centre is one of Canada’s largest integrated community health facility.

Thirty-seven health programs, one primary care center, and one urgent care clinic are combined in 300,000 square feet and eight floors to create a state-of-the-art healthcare center focused on service integration and improving the patient experience for Calgary residents.

The challenge: how to create an innovative, patient-focused facility that meets the needs of multiple programs and more than 1,200 staff members.


Pavilion for Women

Expectant Mothers Guide Furniture Decisions to Enhance Patient Experience at Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women.

SCOPE: With an exclusive working relationship for the last 20 years with Texas Children’s Hospital, McCoy Rockford worked alongside Architects FKM and an interior team from Inventure to provide furniture for 15 floors of patient rooms, waiting areas, office spaces, nurses stations seating, dining areas and department clinic areas at the Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women at the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

CHALLENGE: The opening of the Pavilion for Women reframed Texas Children’s Hospital’s focus from children only to also include adults.

UT Perry-Castañeda Library, Austin

University of Texas at Austin Uses Steelcase Furniture From McCoy Rockford to Enhance Learning Environments on Campus.

SCOPE: With a line of cutting edge educational products, McCoy Rockford was chosen to convert one floor of the Perry-Castañeda Library at the University of Texas at Austin into 21 workbenches with power outlets for student laptops and mobile devices.

CHALLENGE: With books moving to electronic versions to keep up with consumers and trends, the University of Texas found itself with stacks of books that weren’t being read and students looking for somewhere to read (electronically) and study.

Black Walnut Cafe

McCoy Rockford was hired by Black Forest Ventures to replace flooring that had outlived its life in the Black Walnut Restaurants.

SCOPE: The scope of work included carpeting in dining areas as well as hard surfaces in the kitchen and high traffic areas.

CHALLENGE: During original construction, real wood was put in place and proved to be problematic.

AT&T Lab, Austin

AT&T Lab in Austin Set to Increase Productivity, Improve Internal Culture and Expand Recruiting Possibilities With Help From Furniture and Fixtures Provided by McCoy Rockford.

SCOPE: Recognizing the need to increase productivity, shift culture, and promote recruiting among millennials, AT&T teamed up with McCoy Rockford to create a “fresh and different” work environment with new furniture and configurations that also met a variety of guidelines to properly accommodate how the space would be used and the people using it.

CHALLENGE: With team members who work both in the office daily and also virtually (but visit the office a few days a week), workspaces needed to accommodate a variety of people.

The Circuit of the Americas: Formula 1, Austin

With Design in the Driver’s Seat, McCoy Rockford Delivers a Winning Solution With an Added Dose of Durability at the Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 Grand Prix Facility in Austin.

SCOPE: Working closely with designers from the Bommarito Group, McCoy Rockford was selected as the furniture vendor for the spectator suites, lounges and media center at The Circuit of the Americas Formula 1 Grand Prix Facility.


Custom Solutions From McCoy Rockford Helps Merge Cultures and Maintain Budget at BG Headquarters in Downtown Houston.

SCOPE: When BG named Houston as their regional headquarters and decided to move to a new office space, McCoy Rockford was selected to provide furniture for BG’s auditorium, 750 workspaces, demountable walls and manage the moving process at BG’s new regional headquarters in a platinum LEED office building in downtown Houston.

CHALLENGE: Cultural challenges were presented due to the fact many employees and executives would be relocating from England to Houston.