Safe. Responsible. Dedicated.

McCoy Rockford is committed to being the industry leader for conducting our business responsibly and safely.

Our company’s safety program is directed by a full-time safety and risk manager, and includes onsite Job Safety Analysis (JSAs) prior to beginning any job to address any potential hazards at the customer site. Once a project begins, onsite safety is monitored by OSHA-certified field supervisors, who are also trained by the National Safety Council in CPR and First Aid.

The McCoy Rockford employee safety manual is comprised of over 80 documents detailing safety guidelines and procedures for both the office environment and commercial job site. The manual addresses everything from electrical safety, tool safety and fall protection to environmental handling and blood-borne pathogen exposure.

McCoy Rockford operates the “Stop Work Authority” process, which requires a stop, notify, correct and resume approach for resolution of perceived unsafe conditions. Safestart, a behavioral program, and Smith System, a driver program, are also companywide safety initiatives.

In the first 10 years of implementing our industry-recognized safety program, work-related injuries were reduced by 57 percent, even while actual man-hours worked increased by more than 40 percent. In 2016, we were pleased to announce no work-related injuries for the entire year!

Still, we are not resting on our laurels. The entire team at McCoy Rockford is dedicated to the continuous improvement of our safety, health and performance.

McCoy-Rockford OSHA Recordables