Gary Rust

Executive Vice President of Sales and Design – Austin Furniture Division


Gary leads McCoy-Rockford’s sales and design team for the Austin location.   He is also a member of the Executive Management Team, which guides the company’s strategic direction.

Gary has over 21 years of experiences in sales and operational leadership in multiple verticals.  Prior to joining McCoy Rockford, he was the Vice President of Sales for DCI, a healthcare software company that was acquired by HealthStream.   Prior to DCI, he spent 15 years in multiple sales leadership roles at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals which was acquired by Pfizer.

Gary understands that an organization is only as strong as its people.  “Attracting and developing people that embrace a noble purpose has been vital and will continue to be part of our corporate philosophy.  Individual and team efforts that focus solely on helping customers’ achieve their goals is all that truly matters.  We all have a perception of the value McCoy Rockford brings to the market but what we think internally is inconsequential.  Our brand value is determined by the customer and how we support them as individuals and as an organization.”

Gary holds an undergraduate degree, a BBA in Marketing, and a graduate degree, a Master in Business Administration (MBA), both from St. Edward’s University in Austin Texas.  Gary is a native Texan and has lived in Austin for over four decades.  Gary and his wife Jenny have been married for 19 years and have three wonderful daughters, Helen, Cate and Julie.